ZERO 2 SIXTY or "0260" started out like most clubs do, with two riders, Rick "R Sixtysix - R 66" and Mark "Knockout", saying we can do this, we can do that, we'll get some vest made up and ride.  Needing three riders to start a club they asked Curt "Ex Trippin" to join in and he did.  Before they could get anything going Mark sold his bike, leaving Rick and Curt to find other riders.  Soon Jose "Jay-Biz" and Tom "Smokey" were added.

     With four riders, Rick decided to start the process and put a club together. The name was the hardest thing to come up with.  Although there might be other clubs with the same name, Zero 2 Sixty was the choice.  We know theres an auto club with that name but we haven't found or heard of a motorcycle club yet. (If there is we apologize, but I'm sure the logo will separate the clubs).

      The club quickly grew to about 10 members. With mostly Brooklyn base members, the club recently added some from Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island and Long Island. We are always looking to add riders, so no matter what you ride your more than welcome to join us. Just go to JOIN US page for more info.

      0260 is all about the ride! Our members are hard working men and women with families and responibilities, so please in NO WAY refer to us as a gang, outlaws, 1%'ers, etc. We're just a bunch of people that like to ride ... and the more we have the better the ride ..... so come and join us !!!!

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